PhD Thesis


Anthony Schmalzried, "Acceleration of electrons in gases at atmospheric pressure under intense electric fields reachable at the tip of ionisation waves in electric discharges (such as lightning)",                                 30th of October 2023                                                                           Universidad de Granada (UGR)

Sergio Soler López, "Analysis of nighttime streamer corona discharges in storm clouds with ASIM data",                                                                             17th of March 2023                                                                                     Universidad de Granada (UGR) 


Thi Ny Kieu, "Ultra-fast time-resolved spectroscopy of lightning-like discharges with GALIUS",                                                                        14th of October 2021                                                                           Universidad de Granada (UGR)

Alejandro Malagón Romero, "Numerical investigation on the advance of leader channels in lightning and long sparks",                                             23rd of March 2021                                                                           Universidad de Granada (UGR)


Francisco Javier Pérez Invernón, "Modelling of atmospheric electricity phenomena in the atmospheres of Venus, Earth, Jupiter and Saturn",      21st of March 2018                                                                           Universidad de Granada (UGR)


María Passas Varo, "Design and development of a spectrograph and polarimeter for the analysis of air plasmas produced by transient luminous events in the mesosphere of the Earth"                            

19th of June 2017                                                                            Universidad de Granada (UGR)


Francisco Carlos Parra Rojas, "Electrical discharges in planetary upper atmospheres: thermal and chemical effects"                            

18th of June 2015                                                                            Universidad de Granada (UGR)